Brudder, do you know de way?

I really enjoy memes. Like, a stupid amount. And I will always enjoy memes and far beyond when they will stop being funny for most people.

One of the first memes of 2018 is the concept of eating Tide laundry pods. I might do something related to that later.


The next best memes of the first two weeks of this new year is UGANDAN KNUCKLES.


This is my new favorite thing because of the pure ridiculousness. It’s just a giant non-sequitur that encapsulates everything I strive for. So I turned it into a best-selling vinyl.

(I’m assuming it’s a best seller. Who else is selling this? Seriously.)

So by all means, if you want one of these, I made them myself. You should exchange money for my services. Please.

Buy my stuff.